Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog
Undergraduate Programs
Academic Year:

Grounding 3-4
One of the following (3-4 credits):
BISC 103 or BISC 104 Principles of Biology
BISC 106 Elementary Human Physiology
BISC 276 Human Physiology
BISC 306 General Physiology
KAAP 220 Anatomy and Physiology
Humanistic Approaches 12
One three credit course from each of the following three disciplinary groups (9 credits), plus one additional course from any one of the groups (3 credits).

Ethics and Policy
PHIL 241 Ethical Issues in Health Care
PHIL 313 Killing and Letting Die
PHIL 444 Medical Ethics

Art, Literature, and History
HIST 382 History of Western Medicine

Human Sciences
SOCI 343 Society, Politics, and Healthcare
SOCI 311 Sociology of Health & Illness
WOMS 389 Topics: Women and Health Issues
Capstone 1
1 Credit Independent Study (pass/fail)
A short (1000 word) discussion of how humanistic studies can inform and improve the practice of healthcare, with specific reference to the content of one or more classes taken (must include specific reference to any classes substituted for a listed class). Restriction: must be in senior year or have completed 12 units of the minor to enroll.
Class substitutions: Relevant alternative classes, or 3 credit independent study, may be substituted within each group if approved by the minor's faculty advisor.


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