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The College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) is dedicated to advancing the understanding of Earth’s natural systems and the interactions of humans with the environment through engaged interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach. The college’s goal is to produce well-rounded scientists, researchers and policy specialists who have the broad vision and interdisciplinary background necessary to address the sweeping, interrelated issues that are part of the study of ocean, earth and environmental systems.

With a deep commitment to excellence in academics, research and public outreach, CEOE plays a leading role in educating future marine, earth and environmental scientists, educators and policy specialists. Our interdisciplinary emphasis and commitment to the highest scientific ideals prepares students for rewarding careers in teaching, research, and public service. The classrooms and labs at both the Newark and Lewes campuses are active and engaging learning environments where students work closely with the premiere faculty of the college.

Earth, ocean, and environmental scientists view the world on many temporal and spatial levels. From the microscopic realm of bacteria and plankton, to the changes caused by land-surface processes and the everyday domain of the coastal ocean to the panoramic perspective of satellites in space, our scientists and students look at the world through many lenses. We also study the human interactions with the planet and her systems to better understand our interconnectedness with our world. From the cultural and economic landscapes of countries that span the globe, to our own backyards and impacts in our local communities, Human Geographers and Marine Policy specialists strive to better understand how we impact and are impacted by the world in which we live. Here at CEOE, we strive to bring our picture of the Earth, her ocean and environment into ever-sharper focus and to educate well-rounded scientists and policy specialists with the broad vision needed to address today's global problems.  Our graduates are interested in all interaction with the planet — from legal, economic, and political aspects of conflict resolution, to understanding and applying natural science principles for the mutual benefit of humankind and the environment. CEOE alumni hold rewarding careers around the globe, as professors, school teachers, research scientists, ocean engineers, development geologists, resource managers, geoarcheologists, business owners, environmental statisticians, doctors, lawyers, journalists, and diplomats.

Concerns such as climate change, globalization and migration, marine pollution, watershed degradation, energy independence and fisheries decline are at the heart of our work at CEOE. Meeting these challenges often demands expertise in several disciplines, and our curriculum reflects this reality.

Undergraduate students interested in the environment, the Earth, and the ocean are connected to CEOE in a number of ways: a) As majors in Earth Science Education, Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Geography Education, Geography, Geological Sciences, or Marine Science b) As students getting a minor in Coastal and Marine Geoscience, Geography, Geological Sciences, or Marine Studies; and c) Participating in research opportunities within CEOE undertaking individual research projects with the faculty, through our NSF-Sponsored Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates, Semester In Residence Program, and through the University of Delaware’s Undergraduate Research Program as well as other research opportunities.

For detailed information about the college's research and facilities, please visit the CEOE website. Information specific to the departments and school can be found at their websites: Department of Geological Sciences,  Department of Geography; School of Marine Science and Policy.  Information regarding specific faculty members and their research interests can be found at the CEOE Faculty listing.

Degree Program Offerings

Dean's Scholar Program

Semester-In-Residence Program

NSF Marine Sciences Summer Internship

Marine Policy Internship

Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE) Summer Internship

School of Marine Science and Policy (SMSP)


Environmental Science and Environmental Studies

Geological Sciences

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