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The Minor in Marine Studies is designed for those students who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the world ocean, the seabed, and the coastal zone. Students may choose either of two tracks: Physical Ocean Science or Marine Ecosystems. Students choosing either track must complete 9 credits of required courses and 9 credits of electives. Ordinarily, students in the minor would enroll in MAST 492 Seminar: Marine Environmental Case Studies after all other requirements for the minor have been met.

The Minor in Marine Studies consists of 18 credits: three required courses and three elective courses of three credits each. From the elective courses, students should take at least two courses at the 400 or 600 level, and at least one course with an "MAST" listing. Students must receive a grade of "C-" or better for the course to count toward completion of the minor.
Required Courses 9
MAST 382 Introduction to Ocean Sciences
MAST 492 Marine Environmental Studies

MAST 402/602

Physical Oceanography
MAST 427/627 Marine Biology

Physical Ocean Science (pick 3 of 6) 9
GEOG 420 Atmospheric Physics
GEOG 458 Paleoclimatology
GEOL 414/614 Quaternary Geology and Geochronology
GEOL 434/634 Geology of Coasts
MAST 437/637 Geological Oceanography
MAST 628 Offshore Wind Power: Science, Engineering and Policy
Marine Ecosystems (pick 3 of 6) 9
BISC 302 General Ecology
MAST 314/ENWC 314 Comparative Terrestrial and Marine Ecology
MAST 421/621 Coastal Field Biology
MAST 451/651 Marine Invertebrate Biodiversity
MAST 630 Ichthyology
BISC 435 Population Ecology
Substitutions may be made for courses in a track as approved by the coordinator of the minor


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