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The University of Delaware offers assistantships to students with regular, full-time status and high academic standing. Assistantships usually provide a stipend and tuition. Assistants are eligible for coverage by the University's Health Insurance Plan at a reduced cost.

Assistants must be in good standing (maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 each semester) to retain the assistantship. To qualify for full-time status, assistants must enroll for at least six graduate credit hours each semester or as specified on the Contractual Agreement form. Occasionally a graduate student assistant may have fewer than six credits outstanding to complete his or her program. In such a case, the department must petition the Office of Graduate and Professional Education for permission to maintain the student on an assistantship. A full-time assistant is normally appointed for twenty hours a week. Assistantships may be offered by departments for 10 hours a week with the appropriate prorated compensation (stipend and tuition). Students holding assistantships are expected to give their full-time attention to graduate study and their assigned assistantship. Any request for an exception to this policy must be sent in writing as a petition to the College Dean and Office of Graduate and Professional Education and then be given final approval by the Office of Graduate and Professional Education. There are three categories of assistantships: teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and graduate assistantships. The definition of these categories is provided below. In cases where a student's time and funding are divided between or among these categories, the student's classification will be determined on the basis of how the student is spending the preponderance of his or her time.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistantships are awarded through the individual departments. Teaching assistants are required to perform teaching and other instructional activities for twenty hours each week during the academic year.

Research Assistantships

Research assistantships are generally funded by research grants and contracts provided by external funding agencies. Research assistantships require twenty hours of service or research a week. Research assistants are expected to work on their assigned research projects during winter session and may be required to conduct research during summer as well. The amount of each student's stipend will be calculated in accordance with the number of months that the student is appointed as a research assistant.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are awarded by academic departments and other University offices to students in exchange for specialized tasks. Graduate assistants may be appointed for twenty hours each week during the academic year including winter session in a variety of capacities as administrative assistants to University faculty and administrators.


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