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Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science

The Certificate of Geographic Information Science (GIS) is designed for working professionals aspiring to leadership positions in the field and wishing to obtain a certificate of GIS specialization. The Program first requires two core courses that provide a student the theoretical underpinnings of GIS to make informed use of geographic technologies, followed by the selection of one of three tracks – Technician, Analyst and Developer – to gain the technical skills needed to construct and solve problems in the physical and social realms.

The GIS Certificate Program is designed to meet the education needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. For traditional students, the GIS Certificate program prepares them to utilize GIS in their major areas of studies, while non-traditional students can take advantage of the GIS Certificate program to learn and/or upgrade their GIS knowledge and skills that are applicable and important to their professions.

The GIS Certificate program can be completed in one academic year.
All students enter the program taking the introductory GEOG 670 course and proceed by choosing courses to fulfill the requirements of one of the three tracks. To receive the GIS Certificate, students must complete 12 credits of GIS coursework that includes:

Certificate Requirements                                                                                   Credits

GEOG 670 Geographic Information Systems and Science                                                 3

Choose one Track to follow to complete 9 additional credits.

4 courses from Practical Skills                                                                                              4
2 credits from Application Development                                                                                2
1 course from Applied GIS                                                                                                    3

3 courses from Applied GIS                                                                                                   9

1 course from Practical Skills                                                                                                 1
5 credits from Application Development                                                                                 5
1 course from Applied GIS                                                                                                     3

Practical Skills Courses
GEOG 672    Using ArcGIS and Open Source GIS                                                                 1
Computer Cartography                                                                                                            1
SQL and Querying in GIS                                                                                                        1
Developing Geoprocessing Models                                                                                         1
Feature Creation and Editing in the ArcGIS Model                                                                  1
GEOG 666    Special Problems: approved online ESRI courses                                             1

Application Development Courses
CIEG 675     Matlab for Engineering                                                                                         1
GEOG 605   Computer Programming for Environmental Research                                         3
GEOG 672   Using Python in a GIS Framework                                                                      1
Introductions to Scripting and Visual Basic in ArcGIS                                                              1
Developing Geoprocessing Scripts                                                                                          1
Developing Applications with GIS Web Servers                                                                       1
GEOG 666  Special Problems: approved online ESRI courses                                               1

Applied GIS Courses
FREC 680   GIS in Natural Resource Management                                                                 4
FREC 682   Spatial Analysis                                                                                                     3
GEOG 604   GIS for Environmental Sciences                                                                          3
GEOG 671   Advanced Geographic Information Systems                                                        4
GEOG 677   Spatial Data Analysis                                                                                            3
MAST/GEOG 681 Remote Sensing of the Environment                                                           3
STAT 657     Statistics for Earth Sciences                                                                                 3
UAPP 652    Public Policy                                                                                                         1
UAPP 655    GIS in the Public and Nonprofit Sector                                                                 3

Admission Requirements

This program is intended to function as means for graduate certification, so the minimum
requirements for admission are a bachelor’s degree. For students not currently enrolled in a UD graduate program, a regular graduate application form is required. Applicants must include a brief statement of purpose and arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent, along with transcripts from previous universities. Applicants whose previous degrees included no evidence of instruction in English should also include TOEFL scores. No GRE scores are required. Applications will be reviewed on an
ongoing basis for admission in any semester. Applicants will be evaluated in terms of likelihood of success and availability of seats in our courses.

Students currently enrolled in a UD graduate program should complete a “Change of
Classification Form” to seek approval to add the certificate program. This should be
accompanied by a letter of support from the student’s advisor.

Students are required to choose an appropriate advisor associated with the certificate program, or have an appropriate advisor appointed by the Director of the Certificate Program, who will be the primary contact for questions. The Director of the Certificate Program will verify that the student has completed the requirements for the certificate and will approve the will approve the application for the certificate upon successful completion of the requirements

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