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General Information
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Telephone:  (302) 831-4863
Faculty Co-Director:  Dr. Robert L. Opila, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Administrative Co-Director:  Kathleen C. Werrell, Engineering Outreach, enggoutreach@udel.edu
Program Overview

This interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Engineering and Policy (REEP-CERT) is offered by the University of Delaware’s College of Engineering and administered through the Engineering Outreach Program.  It is designed for those with an undergraduate degree in a Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) field who seek to strengthen their knowledge of renewable energy technologies and policy, and, if course prerequisites are met, can be earned by matriculated graduate students as well as by those in graduate/non-degree status.
The REEP certificate program courses are transferable into graduate degree programs in electrical engineering, energy and environmental policy, materials science & engineering, or mechanical engineering. 
Requirements for Admission

Admission and enrollment in the REEP-CERT courses by those who are not already matriculated in a graduate STEM degree program are managed through the Engineering Outreach Program.  GREs are not required for certificate program admission.  The prospective student is required to submit a copy of his/her undergraduate transcript for review to ensure the necessary technical course background for success in the graduate REEP courses.   Upon approval by the Assistant Dean/Director of Engineering Outreach, the student will be guided through the graduate admission process to obtain Engineering Outreach/Non-degree matriculation status.  Thereby, courses taken will reside on the graduate transcript (making them applicable to one of the graduate degree programs listed above if/when the student elects to apply/is accepted into such program).  Part-time students are self- or industry-funded.  Prospective students should contact Engineering Outreach to begin the admission process:  enggoutreach@udel.edu.
Curriculum Specifics

The REEP-CERT requires satisfactory completion of three (3) graduate level courses (9 credits) as detailed below.  No REEP-CERT courses can be counted toward both this certificate and any other graduate certificate program.  Each certificate program course must be completed with a grade no lower than B-; the overall GPA of the REEP-CERT courses must be no lower than 3.0.

Course Requirements

Required Core Courses (minimum of six credit hours):
ELEG 637  Energy Systems
ENEP 625  Energy Policy and Administration
Note that any of the courses currently listed, or later added to the list of core course options, that are not used to fulfill the required core may be used as an elective course.
Elective Course Options (each 3-credit courses):
One course from the following list.  (Also see the note above.)
CHEG 614  Special Topics in Energy (needs clearance by semester, as topics vary)
ELEG 615  Electric Power & Renewable Energy Systems
ELEG 620  Solar Energy Systems
ELEG 628  Solar Energy Technology and Applications
ELEG 637  Energy Systems
ENEP 660  Engineering Economic Analysis for Sustainable Energy
MAST 622/UAPP 626  Conservation and Renewable Energy Policy
MAST 628  Offshore Wind Power:  Science, Engineering and Policy
MEEG 635  Wind Power Engineering
MEEG 642  Introduction to Fuel Cells
MSEG 650  Topics in Renewable Energy
MSEG 670  Solar Energy

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