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Academic Year:

Matriculated students register for classes based on the following schedule:

  1. Registration periods for returning matriculated undergraduate students begin in April for fall semester; in November for winter session; in November for spring semester and in April for summer session. Prior to registration, students should consult their academic advisors regarding course selection.
  2. Matriculated students are assigned appointment times to begin registration based on classification and/or earned units. Appointments are available via UDSIS approximately one week prior to registration.
  3. Newly admitted undergraduate students register during New Student Orientation, which includes academic advisement. (For more information see www.udel.edu/students/nso/)
  4. Readmitted students are notified of applicable registration procedures and will be assigned an academic advisor to assist them in their course selection.
  5. Students must meet prerequisite requirements prior to the start of any class that has a prerequisite. Students who have not met the prerequisite by the start of the semester are subject to being dropped from any course requiring a prerequisite.
  6. If a student is dismissed from the University after registering, his or her registration will be canceled, and fees will be refunded. If a student is dismissed after the fall semester, his or her courses will be removed from the following spring semester. If a student is dismissed after the spring semester, his or her courses will be removed from the following fall semester. Students will not receive academic credit unless they are properly registered.

Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in the Catalog, students and others who use the Catalog should note that the policies, rules, regulations, requirements for graduation, course offerings, and other materials reproduced in the Catalog change from time-to-time and that these changes may alter the information contained in this Catalog. see Legal Statement
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