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Academic Year:

Students may interrupt their studies for up to 15 consecutive months, and still remain in their degree programs. This grace period begins at the end of the student's last semester of enrollment. During the grace period, students need not apply for readmission to register for classes.

Students who withdraw before the fall or spring semesters, or before the Academic Penalty Deadline (after the eighth week of class) may avoid any academic penalty by filling out the Withdrawal/Leave Notification Form through the Office of Campus Life or the office of the Assistant Dean of the student's college.

After the Academic Penalty Deadline, withdrawals and leaves require permission from the Assistant Dean of the student's college. To initiate this process, the student should make an appointment with their college's Assistant Dean. The Assistant Dean's approval is granted only when non-academic extenuating circumstances exist, such as a serious illness or severe emotional crisis. Documentation by a physician or a counseling professional must be presented when requesting approval from the Assistant Dean. Approval will not be given because of failing grades, circumstances resulting from a change in major or a student error in registration.

To learn more about withdrawal procedures, students should contact their college Assistant Dean or the Office of Student Life, (302) 831-8939.

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