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At the end of each term, grades are reported to students electronically. Reports of grades are available through UDSIS Personal Access website. The University uses a system of letter grades with plus and minus designators.

NOTE: In courses requiring a minimum letter grade (for example, a C or better), the minus grade (for example, C-), fulfills the requirement, unless 2.0 minimum is specified. Similarly, when a B or better is required, a B- fulfills the requirement. However, the quality points per credit for a C- are fewer than for a C (see chart below). Undergraduate students must achieve an overall cumulative grade point index of at least 2.0 for graduation.

The following final grades are used:

A Excellent 4.00 quality points per credit

A- 3.67 quality points per credit

B+ 3.33 quality points per credit

B Good 3.00 quality points per credit

B- 2.67 quality points per credit

C+ 2.33 quality points per credit

C Fair 2.00 quality points per credit

C- 1.67 quality points per credit

D+ 1.33 quality points per credit

D Poor 1.00 quality points per credit

D- 0.67 quality points per credit

F Failure 0.00 quality points per credit

X - Failure, 0.00 quality points per credit
(Academic Dishonesty)

Z - Failure, 0.00 quality points per credit
(Unofficial Withdrawal)

L Listener (Audit) - Registration without credit or grade. Class attendance is required, but class participation is not.

LW Listener Withdrawn - A listener who does not attend sufficient class meetings to be eligible, in the judgment of the instructor, for the grade of L will receive the grade LW.

NR No grade required.

P Passing - For specifically authorized courses. P grades are not calculated in indexes. (For further explanation, see Pass/Fail grade option section.)

W Official Withdrawal - Passing at time of withdrawal.

The following temporary grades are used:

I Incomplete - For uncompleted assignments, absences from final or other examinations, or any other course work not completed by the end of the semester.

S Satisfactory progress - For thesis, research, dissertation, independent study, special problems, distance learning and other courses which span two semesters or in which assignments extend beyond the grading deadline in a given semester.

U Unsatisfactory progress - For thesis, research, dissertation, independent study, special problems, distance learning and other courses which span two semesters or in which assignments extend beyond the grading deadline in a given semester.

Temporary grades of S and U are recorded for work in progress pending completion of the project(s). Final grades are reported only at the end of the semester in which the work was completed.

N No grade reported by instructor.

All students, whether or not they intend to return to the University, may remove temporary grades from their records by adhering to the following regulations:
  • A grade of I (Incomplete) must be removed no later than the end of the first two weeks of the semester immediately following the course in question, with  the exception of prerequisite courses.  In the case of prerequisite courses, the incomplete work must be completed and the grade posted to the student's academic record before the first day of the class which requires the prerequisite.  An incomplete grade does not satisfy prerequisite requirements.  Students may lose their seat in the course requiring the prerequisite if a required grade is not posted by the start of class.  Incomplete work for the fall semester and winter session must be completed within the first two weeks of the spring semester; incomplete work in the spring semester and summer sessions must be completed within the first two weeks of the following fall semester.  Under extenuating circumstances, such as prolonged illness, the faculty member, with the additional approval of the Assistant Dean, may approve extensions of these limits.
  • At the time of grading, instructors who give an I grade must submit copies of the Incomplete Grade Explanation Form to the department chair, the instructor's Assistant Dean, the student's Assistant Dean and the Registrar's Office, but only when the grade to be awarded, if the work is not completed, is not an F. This form will show (1) the nature of the incomplete (absent from final examination, absent from hourly examination, project or paper not turned in, etc.), (2) the reason for the incomplete (illness, accident or injury, serious illness or death in immediate family, etc.), and (3) the grade to be awarded to the student in the course if the work is not completed. If, after the time limit stated above, the uncompleted work has not been made up, the grade will automatically be recorded as an F if the instructor has not designated otherwise by submitting the Incomplete Grade Explanation form. Control and approval of all incomplete grades, including those given for absence from the final examination, will rest with the Assistant Dean of each college.
  • Temporary grades of S and U may stand until the completion of the thesis or research, at which time final grades of A, B, C, D (plus or minus), or F will be recorded. These grades replace all S or U grades in preceding periods of enrollment. Students may not graduate if their records contain any temporary grades.

Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in the Catalog, students and others who use the Catalog should note that the policies, rules, regulations, requirements for graduation, course offerings, and other materials reproduced in the Catalog change from time-to-time and that these changes may alter the information contained in this Catalog. see Legal Statement
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