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Twice a year, in January and in June, the Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification ("CURC," see below) reviews the records of matriculated students with deficient cumulative grade point averages and will dismiss students from matriculated status if they have 13.00 or more deficit points.

("Matriculated" means that the student had been formally admitted to the University as a degree-seeking student; dismissal means that the student is no longer considered a degree-seeking candidate and is not eligible to enroll in full-time study.)

Students who are facing dismissal review by CURC, will be notified of this by their Assistant Deans and will be given an opportunity to present an appeal. Students with serious extenuating circumstances, such as a documented serious illness or documented personal problems, may present an appeal through their Assistant Dean to CURC for potential reinstatement on special probation. Such documentation must be provided in English. CURC approves such requests on a case-by-case basis. For more information, see next section "SPECIAL PROBATION" and www.udel.edu/provost/curc.html.

Students who have been dismissed from matriculated status by CURC, may take up to 7 credits of courses each term through the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies at UD. However, dismissed students who are taking courses through Professional and Continuing Studies are not formally enrolled in any major or degree program and are not eligible to receive a degree. The student's classification will be changed to CEND (Continuing Education Non-Degree) and eligibility for most forms of financial aid may be lost, since financial aid usually requires full-time status and matriculation. In addition, dismissed students face restrictions for on-campus housing and provision of campus services. More information is available from the UD ACCESS Center (http://www.pcs.udel.edu/access/), which provides advisement services to dismissed students who enter CEND status.

In order to earn a degree, dismissed students must be approved for readmission (see "PROCEDURE FOR READMISSION OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN ACADEMICALLY DISMISSED" below).  http://academiccatalog.udel.edu/Pub_ShowCatalogPage.aspx?CATKEY=KEY_497&ACYEAR=2013-2014&DSPL=Published .

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