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Credits may be counted only once toward a degree. Courses repeated to improve a passing grade may not be counted a second time toward the minimum total required credit hours. Both the original and the subsequent grades for repeated courses contribute to the cumulative grade point index. Certain courses offered in a sequence will not be counted toward a degree if taken in reverse order of difficulty, e.g., FREN 105 would not be counted if completed after FREN 107; similarly, MATH 115 is not acceptable if completed after MATH 221. If two courses cover very similar content-even if one is more difficult than the other-credit would not be offered for both courses regardless of the order in which they were completed. For instance, credit will be offered only once for the following pairs of courses: MATH 221 and MATH 241, or MATH 222 and MATH 242. See specific course descriptions for additional information. For further clarification, contact the department or college responsible for the specific degree program.

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